writing homework on Interview with an entrepreneur. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Interview with an entrepreneur. Write a 1250 word paper answering; In 2003, the company has grown into car design modifications and initiated as Project Kahn and Kahn Design. His company sells an average of 250 bespoke vehicles a year and moreover, he is developing a parallel property business under Kahn Landmark and has a buying capability of over ?75 million with properties worldwide. He has also moved into the world of watch design and is on the lookout for a talented fashion designer who can help launch the Project Kahn fashion-label. Also, he has recently purchased the UK’s most expensive number plate, F1. During an Interview Afzal Kahn was asked several questions about his entrepreneurship and success. Following are the answers given by Afzal Kahn in response to the questions that were asked in an exclusive interview: How Kahn took Start-up of Entrepreneurship? (Entrepreneur Process and Opportunity Identification) Afzal Kahn studied architecture but he always had a strong passion for cars. At some initial age, he give up architecture and established Auto Design Technics in Bradford and within five years he made sufficient money and went on to set up A Kahn Design. Afzal Kahn said that he strongly consider that everybody has given with a gift just like Armani has a gift for fashion design, he feels that he has borne with a gift for car designing. At his teenage, he got motivated from the plastic coffin making factory where he learned the skills of managing a factory. Kahn said that he was always passionate about cars and his dream was to set up a shop of car. Later on, implemented his skills into practice and then after few years he started making plastic parts which are used in cars and then he founded an Auto Design Technics in Bradford. Initially he did not start with direct supply to customer and as he earned money, he established his working staff and expanded his product ranges. In start, he was unaware of owning patents and its important and therefore, Kahn’s customers were using his deigns and works into their product ranges. Then he decided to expand his products range and selling them to the consumers directly. In the duration of just five years of hard work and devotion towards work, he made a sufficient amount of money and established A. Kahn Design. Thus direct business by selling directly to customers amplified his earning which enabled him to try out with a wider product range. By the time, A. Kahn Design became experts of designing different parts of car. His first remarkable creation was the design of a wheel rim (five- spoke) and for making it. he went to Italy to discover a factory where he can manage to start its production. About this creation, Kahn said that this invention was different to everything else out at that time. This invention was very less advertised but still his wheels sold in a very short time. In recent years, Kahn expanded his business. He then managed to buy a few Land Rovers and then he revealed their original design and then re-engineered them with his own style. Kahn’s work is different from others as Kahn has invested a lot in technology unlike other competitors he made the model of the car digital which looked like a real one when others were using clay models.