writing homework on Achieving a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies. Write a 750 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Achieving a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies. Write a 750 word paper answering; I think my graduation in Liberal arts has helped me a lot in knowing my country better in all aspects including its history, economy and politics. To my mind, being a soldier, it is highly necessary for me to have adequate knowledge about all spheres of life instead of specialization in a specific field. This is the reason why I chose to do my graduation in Liberal Arts though I was good at mathematics. I know very well that a Liberal Arts course is the best way to improve ones problem-solving abilities, critical thinking and communication skills as it helps delve deep into any topic according to ones choice. The program sets itself apart from other courses in the fact that it is more flexible and intellectually rewarding than any other course. Yet another advantage is the all-round development it offers for someone who does not want to specialize in any particular subject. Unlike other courses, this course will provide the chance to decide ones own course of study depending on their individual interests. Thus, this proves the best course for someone who does not want to specialize in a particular subject. This course entirely suits me as I want to pursue my post-graduation not for specialization, but for all-round development of my knowledge and intellectual capacity that will enable me to analyze my personal and professional life rationally and with a better insight. In fact, taking into consideration the nature of the job I am into, it is the best option to choose Liberal Arts because I am pursuing studies not for any specialization. but for the sake of knowledge. However, it is an undeniable fact that my knowledge about the glorious past and superior position of America has helped me reach my decision to join the US army, a noble job of serving my nation. This would not have happened if I had pursued mathematics- my strength – during my graduation. It is my desire to strengthen my knowledge in history, though, being in this profession, it is vital for me to have knowledge about all walks of life. So, I think Liberal Arts program is the best option for me. In addition, it is my desire to know about the history of African Americans in the American continent. As a part of this course, I think I will be able to get in-depth knowledge about their history of development and the issues they faced during the development. As I am an African American, I have a keen interest to know how my ancestors reached this country and now have become an integral part of the society. I also want to explore the reason behind the slow economic progress of African Americans and using my knowledge about history and my ability to think logically, I will be able to develop strategies that will help in the progress of the community incorporating social situations and viable strategies. As I already mentioned, I am a bachelor in Liberal Arts with sufficient knowledge about all subjects. Now, by joining this Liberal Arts program, I will get more chances to know about the western civilization. In addition, I will be able to specialize in history and mathematics during the course. and in my opinion, this is the best option for the all-round development of any person. My purpose of joining this course is to improve my world knowledge that would help me save my country better. In addition, it is my keen interest to go in-depth into history and know how things were in the past. In fact, am particularly interested in exploring the glorious history of the great American Revolution and the different stages in the development of the nation. I am very familiar with the way Liberal Arts work as I already have a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. In fact it is my keen interest in gaining knowledge that drives me to join this program.