write an article on power of america in post cold war era Paper must be at least 2000 words

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on power of america in post cold war era Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The Cold War refers to the scenario coming into being immediately after the finish of the Second World War, in 1945, and which was marked by the presence of mutual distrust and animosity between the US and the then USSR. And during the entire duration of the Cold War, both those regions were the political superpowers of the globe wielding tremendous military power. In this context, it is ironic to note that in the Second World War, both the US and the USSR were allies. Hence, it was perplexing when, after the end of that war, a bitter rivalry developed between both these zones. (1) (historylearningsite.co.uk, 2010).

The Cold War was the dominant force in all international matters of the corresponding period, and during the phase, both the USSR and the US included huge quantities of weapons of mass destruction in their armory. As a matter of fact, the Cold War Phase was marked by a scenario where all other smaller nations were necessitated to be siding either of the two superpowers. At this juncture, it needs to be mentioned that, the amicable ties between both the regions during the Second World War were chiefly because of the fact that Germany led by Nazis was a common foe. In this era of the Cold War, the USSR’s power was attributable to the presence of a huge army, while the strength of the US was from its most potent weapons. (1)

Subsequent to the finish of the Cold War, and after the disintegration of the USSR, many intellectuals of the US were involved in a serious debate. They were divided into two groups – one group arguing that even the power held by America would decline, and the other one maintaining that the US would gather further strength. Almost a decade after that, it was noted that the arguments of the former group turned to be factual realities. (2)

Indeed, after the end of the Cold War, the US steadily grew in strength and it eventually attained the position of the chief power center of the global political landscape.&nbsp.