write an article on Climate Change. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Climate Change. It needs to be at least 1750 words. The natural greenhouse effect is amplified because of the altered atmospheric composition due to rapidly increasing population and elevated levels of emissions caused by the human influences (industrialization, transportation increased energy consumption and land use etc) (Mann & Kump, 2009). According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), developed countries are consuming higher quantities of fossil fuels as evident from the significant increase in the C02 since 1750 (Blasing, 2011).

Though the earth’s climate has always been changing due to the natural greenhouse effects, but the sharp increase in the rate of change at regional and global levels due to the human induced greenhouse gas emissions is a source of concern for mankind and necessitates proper ramification at national and international levels. This assertion has been verified by the Fourth Assessment Report of IPCC which clearly attributes the increased global warming since 1750 to human activities (IPCC, 2007).

Weather and Climate

Weather describes the physical state of the air at any particular time and location and the subsequent changes in them over time encompassing the daily changes in temperature, precipitation, humidity, pressure, and wind conditions, whereas climate encompasses the statistical description of different atmospheric conditions (Schelesinger et al., 2007. Mathieu, 2010). The term “climate change” refers to the changes in the average weather (temperature, wind patterns and precipitation), experienced by a particular region over a certain period of time that can range from months to decades and to thousands of years (Mann & Kump, 2009). However the metrological organizations describes the period spreading beyond three decades as a classical period. Climate is linked to almost all the aspects of our economy and daily life (Mann & Kump, 2009). Resources such as agriculture, energy, forests and fisheries are particularly sensitive to meteorological changes and climate variations. Human health depends on factors like availability of sufficient quantities of food, safe drinking water, proper living conditions, and effective mitigative steps required to control infectious diseases. Since these health determinants are affected by the variations in the climate, the subsequent climatic changes are bound to have wide-ranging impact upon human health (Schelesinger et al., 2007). Greenhouse effect and Global warming The ever-increasing population with large-scale industrial growth is resulting in the increased concentration of the gases like carbon dioxide (C02), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (NO2) and halocarbons (HCs) etc. in the environment (Mann & Kump, 2009). These gases trap the energy in the environment, resulting in enhanced greenhouse effect, and alter world climate. According to the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Third Assessment Report (TAR) (2001): “There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities” (IPCC 2001: p. 1). According to the above IPCC report climatic data indicates 0.6 °C increase in the global temperature during the twentieth century, in which the major increase was witnessed after 1975 because of the extensive industrial activities (i.e. human impact). Forecasts based on the advanced mathematical modeling techniques predict the global temperature increase in the range of 1.4°C to 5.