write an article on abnormal psychology Paper must be at least 1500 words

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on abnormal psychology Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Since, some authors owing to the Ludwig Van Beethoven’s incredible success in his career while experiencing systematic illness, may end up exaggerating their content to appear more reliable compared to their counterparts’ sources (Burroughs, 2009). Therefore, this study’s content comprises of crystallized information from varied sources but not a physical diagnosis of Ludwig Van Beethoven (Pucarin-Cvetkovi et al, 2011). Introduction To date, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s medical biography remains one of the most unexplored aspects of his life by numerous authors who have equated his expertise beyond that of a genius. Studies contend Beethoven experienced myriad of medical predicaments besides deafness and chronic liver illness (Pucarin-Cvetkovi et al, 2011). For instance, these comprised of diarrhea anorexia, dehydration, and abdominal pain. Some historians contend Beethoven’s deafness resulted from neurosyphilis disease before succumbing to utter depression that tormented him almost his entire life (Pucarin-Cvetkovi et al, 2011). Scientists cite his condition could have descended from lead poisoning that characterized his immediate settings. Conversely, other authors claim his state of depression resulted from the demise of his mother who had succumbed to a prolonged state of illness. Therefore, the absence of clear information concerning Beethoven’s medical biography prompts numerous authors evade this aspect while expounding more about his unequaled expertise and contribution in the field of music as a composer (Lerner & Straus, 2012). Hence, result to speculations concerning what might have led to his deafness state besides other illnesses like madness and diarrhea, which some studies contend to have experienced (Lerner & Straus, 2012). Background information Undeniably, to date, there is no study or report having tangible information concerning Ludwig Van Beethoven’s medical biography. This is evident from numerous scholarly works that prefer highlighting his unique talents as both a pianist and a renowned composer, which the world has ever had during his time. Hence, ignoring significant information concerning health setbacks, which almost paralyzed his dreams or aspirations though he managed to overcome them and become what currently diverse biographers successfully report about him (Knapp & Medforth, 2012). However, diverse biographers have tried to report Ludwig Van Beethoven’s medical history though scantly in certain areas of their arguments. This is due to the absence of adequate information that would have proved by medical tests regarding myriad of health predicaments, which Beethoven kept on complaining about almost his entire life (Pucarin-Cvetkovi et al, 2011). According to varied sources regarding Beethoven’s biography, he experienced myriad of health predicaments though the most reported one was his inability to hear. Deafness started during the climax of his career though this did not hinder him from doing what he loved most, and excelling in the field where there was no one to equal him. Undeniably, it is not clear what exactly led to Beethoven’s psychological problem (Pucarin-Cvetkovi et al, 2011). However, based on his scanty medical biography, probably this condition worsened because of continuing state of deafness. Hence, stressing him to the extent of experiencing depression besides other health setbacks, which he had almost since childhood. Mainly, these other health setbacks comprised of diarrhea and recurrent severe abdominal pains (Pucarin-Cvetkovi et al, 2011).