Write a 6 pages paper on hofstede, hall and kluckhohn & strodtbeck’s approach to culture.

Write a 6 pages paper on hofstede, hall and kluckhohn & strodtbeck’s approach to culture. Understanding these cultures is important and plays a big role for investors whose market interests target on regions with different cultural beliefs. This is because different cultures dictate on the values and preferences and the way communities spend their resources (Glenn et al. 2004 p 125). This essay is an evaluation of the challenges that multinational corporations face while managing their human resources in subsidiaries located in different countries and the Hofstede, Hall and Kluckhohn & Strodtbecks approach to culture.

Hofstede studied culture in five dimensions. These related to power distance index, which studied the structures and the hierarchy of decision-making in institutions and in homes. He observes that there are cultures that do not offer equality to its subjects. In these environments some constituents are seen as inferior to others. He also observes that different communities have different policies in the way they utilize their resources and earnings. There are societies that protect individual property and encourage people to put individual efforts to better their lives. On the other hand, there are those that promote collective responsibility on property. In this context, the community is formed by strong groups that look after the welfare of each individual in the group as long as he is a member of the group. He also observes that gender sensitivity is an issue in some communities that give more powers to men than to women (Glenn et al. 2004 p 125). However, there are societies that allow women to compete with men for equal chances without discrimination. He continues to note that the level of strictness and reluctance towards laws and beliefs vary across different societies. Some of these communities exercise some sort of dictatorship style of solving issues. They have laws that are specific and that do not offer alternative solutions or input from outside forces. On the other hand there are those that are more reluctant and are governed by few rules which are subject to contention.

Kluckhohn and Strodbeck based their assumptions&nbsp.and approach on the fact that human beings have common aspects which they use while developing their culture.&nbsp.