Write 8 pages with APA style on Organisational Communication: Persuasive Message Assignment.

Write 8 pages with APA style on Organisational Communication: Persuasive Message Assignment. At this point I would like to share with you the visionary approach that I have brought along and shed light on the need for change in communications strategy at GB. Needless to say that in this age of dynamism, globalization and fast-changing customer needs, effective communications play a pivotal role in success of an organization and when talked in context of data communications & management, its importance increases manifold. In fact, I would term it a “lifeline” of an organization. You people must have read a lot of books, articles, literature and professionals’ interviews emphasizing how communication provides businesses better leverage in terms of sales opportunities, operational excellence, improved teamwork, etc. etc. I personally feel that we are lagging in this sphere, which requires an induction of a contingency plan for implementation of new and updated applications & systems at GB, which I am sure, will ensure sustainable growth in this competitive environment. However, we must also not forget the budgetary constraints thus need to mutually devise a way forward within the allocated funds. The ultimate goal of bringing a change to the existing set-up aims to foster our internal & external communications and adapt to the changes and threats that we may have to deal with in days ahead. It shall also boost our ability to project our mission, vision and core values to the outside world better than ever before. As I strongly believe in TEAM work and that an organization is nothing without great people, I invite all of you to a brainstorming session being held next week Monday 4pm in the office conference hall. The idea is to generate out-of-box ideas, create a proactive concept and involve you in this crucial task. Once the project is on and starts yielding the results, we shall be able to further craft the new strategy. I, therefore, urge you to ensure your maximum participation in this interesting session. If you need further details or have comments/concerns over the forthcoming planned change, I am always open to discussions. Just walk-in to my office or contact me at Ext. 1001. In last I would like to close my message with the following few business quotes, which always motivate and synergize me to work for excellence: Management Culture can change Company Fortune. Together we can “Sail through uncharted waters”. When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion. Success will not lower its standard to us. We must uplift our standard to success. Sincerely, __________ PART B Keeping in view the eventual purpose (persuasiveness) of this message, I tried to strictly adhere to six distinct principles – i.e. Transparency, Agency, Readiness, Adaptation, Voice and Sustenance. These principles are pre-requisite leading to effective communication change in an organization. In the light of above, I hereby describe the rhetorical analysis of my message, as follows: It is a human nature/psyche that when a new person is joining an organization at a higher position (especially as a boss), the employees, in general, and the subordinates, in particular, develop fears & doubts and feel a sense of uncertainty about the new comer. They perceive this happening as problematic & disturbance in their work comfort.