Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the declaration of independence and the declaration of sentiments.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the declaration of independence and the declaration of sentiments. This paper illustrates that as is revealed by most publications and literature, the declaration was mostly drafted towards the expense of the more appropriate duties for women. This is because it came at a time when the temperance and property rights of women were the major reasons. In this relation, the government is expected to ensure the safety and happiness of all the people that it governs. Because of this, major changes are expected in relation to the running of the government from both in case such rights are not being upheld and provided by the government. Nonetheless, both Declarations agree that since human beings are destined to suffer evil, they are not expected to change government owing to light and transient issues. They thus both abhor extreme form of abuse and usurpations that extend for a long period. It is in this respect that they both advocate the demolishment of such governments and creation of new ones that guard their future security in a new way. However, they differed in relation to the mention with regard to gender. While the Declaration of Independence only mentions all human beings under the general term of man, the Declaration of sentiments clearly brings out the difference between the two genders by specifically mentioning each of them where required. In addition, the latter also focuses on the suffering and treatment of mankind in general as opposed to the contribution of the government towards the suffering. This is shown in “The history of the present king of Great Britain” and the History of mankind” to illustrate and elaborate the forms of injuries and usurpations. With this, while the former highlights that the suffering of mankind has been as a result of the tyranny of Great Britain over the States through the direct establishment of certain objects, the latter reveals that the injustices have been as a result of the tyranny, which man possesses over the woman.&nbsp.The emphatic aim of the declaration on sentiments to secure equal rights for all through the ending of women suffrage, therefore, became the main focus. According to the founding fathers, if the governing body was bringing about suffering to a particular group and denying them some of their rights, they were expected to do away with it and put a new one into place. With this, they would ensure that it laid its foundations on their right to happiness and safety. In contrast, Stanton finds this challenging and suggests that those who suffer under a particular government should refuse to pay allegiance to them. However, without abolishing it they should insist upon the formation of a new government that lays its foundations and principles on their “safety and happiness”.