Wk 3, MHA 543: DR 2

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Dr. Jennifer Haddad Connell

5/17/22, 7:48 AM

Hello All:

This week we are thinking about the importance of employee engagement and leadership traits that support staff satisfaction. Ineffective quality of management supports high turnover, as does absence of employee support (Bryant & Allen, 2013); a foundation for employee retention starts with managers attitudes including faith in their employees.

In health care our industry is known for continuous change. I can say from experience that change occurs at a rapid pace, and can always be expected. So managing in health care entails leading staff through changes. Employees want to feel engaged and be given the opportunity to work in autonomous ways (Bryant & Allen, 2013). Specifics of needed change and defining goals should be well-communicated to employees as effective management tools; a majority of employees have the desire to be included in change mechanisms within the business but what would limit them is lack of understanding of steps that are needed in order to reach the business’ goals (Maza, et. al., 2017). I think this data shows the importance of effective leaders explaining goals of change as well as interventions to accomplish goals. This combined with allowing staff freedom to do their work in reaching goals can support job satisfaction and can enable the leader to be a best type of leader.

Class: What do you think about the importance of managers explaining goals and pathways about how to reach them, then allowing employees creativity in putting plans into place? Would this type of communication and subsequent delegation be a trait of a best leader? Can you give examples from your work experience? Please discuss.


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Maza, R., Kahn, R., & Mujtaba, B. (2017, February). The Impact of Organizational Change on Employee Turnover Intention: Does Stress Plan a Mediating Role? Public Organization Review, 18, 313-337. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11115-017-0380-8

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