why there is only 3 question2022-05-21 10:25:53GraduateWriterhelp.com Answers

*this question is closed**”why there is only 3 question” is not the question, i have mistaken type it there. I’m sorry for any misunderstanding.*My question is as stated here:Based on Kroger’s company and entrepreneurship. Identify, analyze and provide recommendations related to venture growth strategies. The case report will observe applying concepts, theories, and models within the strategic entrepreneurship framework. Refer this task to Kroger’s company only. The company referred in the website ( https://www.thekrogerco.com/ )Instructions: Part A: Internal Environment Analysis.Use the Value, Rareness, Imitability, and Organization (VRIO framework) to analyze Kroger’s internal resources and capabilities.*written in 4 pages only*Thank you in advance. 

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