week 1 data

Imagine you are a health care manager for the Krahe Health Care facility. You have emailed your assistant manager, Michelle, the survey data for patient satisfaction, quality of care, and likelihood to recommend. You have asked Michelle to review the data and create a presentation for the staff addressing the impact of the data on the facility. Michelle reviews the data but questions the importance and usefulness of the data to the staff.Write a 350- to 700-word email reply to Michelle explaining the importance and usefulness of statistics and data analytics. Include the following in your reply.Explain the importance and usefulness of the data provided with respect to the health care facility in the scenario.Identify the users in this data.Explain the impact of the data to the health care facility in the scenario.Explain the role of statistics and data analytics in the health care industry.Use of new technologyFinancial impact on an organizationStaffing based on census dataUse at least 5 of the following terms in your email response. Bold each term in the email.Data analyticsDescriptive statisticsInferential statisticsPopulationPrimary dataSecondary dataQuantitative dataQualitative dataSampleVariableData qualityQuotientRatioRateProportionFrequenciesFrequency distributionsOutliersInterquartile rangeVarianceStandard deviation

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