Water quality parameter presentation

Water quality parameter presentation

Identify a living or non-living thing that is a problematic to water quality and/or causes the need for treatment of water. This could be something that is problematic at any scale of water quality (ex: recreational water, personal well, drinking or waste water treatment, etc…).

This presentation should last from 7-10 minutes (you will be docked points if shorter or longer than this) and presented using Microsoft Powerpoint. You will be graded on content, visual appearance, ability to present, etc… (see rubric on Blackboard for point breakdown).

Websites that may be useful (there are many more than this):





Ideas of topics to cover in the presentation (this is not exhaustive and you do not have to present in this order):

*the thing that is problematic (is it a living (what kingdom does it fall in?), non-living, etc..)

*what is the source of the thing

*what scale is it problematic (localized, country, etc…)

*who or what is it problematic to (humans (specific age groups?), animals, plants, etc…; drinking water or waste water treatment facilities, etc…)

*does it cause human health concerns (elaborate)

*does it cause biological ecosystem concerns (does it bioaccumulate, etc…)

*are there acceptable limits (state, federal)

*are there control/treatment mechanisms (for treatment plants, best management practices, etc…)