use your current speech topic for this assignment and I would strongly suggest that you do so

You can use your current speech topic for this assignment and I would strongly suggest that you do so! However, please make sure that you edit and perfect the outline prior to turning it in with your final speaking assignment (SA6).

When you build a house, the first thing you do is plan and create the underlying structure of the house–the part of the house behind and within the walls that may not be noticed if it’s done well, but that will certainly be noticed if it’s done poorly. Speaking in public is similar in some ways to building a house. While audience notice a speaker’s delivery, they may not notice the organization of the speech unless it’s so poorly planned that the speech seems to ramble without a point. Good speaking, in contrast, follows patterns of practical reasoning that the audience can understand and accept, and good speakers tend to organize their speeches in ways that follow such patterns.

  1. In your initial post, use the handout about organizational patterns to help you briefly outline a speech that might employ one of those patterns. You only need to list the main points of the potential topic. Please steer clear of overdone speech topics, such as gun control, abortion, marijuana laws, exercise and dieting, or other popular but contentious social issues. Use the vocabulary from your readings to describe the types of evidence and logical patterns; you may include outside research for additional examples or explanation. Submit your completed outline for your primary post; please submit as text, not as an attachment, as attachments will not be graded. You should select a single outline structure (the category should be appropriate for your topic and outline type) and a single topic and create a basic outline for the discussion board. Cite every outside source you use, including your readings.