Unit VII Case Study

On March 30, 2011, the White House released Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8 to further enhance national preparedness for the United States. Subsequent updates have been added to the directive to further enhance national preparedness. This policy is organized around the following six elements:

1. National Preparedness Goal

2. National Preparedness System

3. National Preparedness Report

4. National Preparedness Frameworks

5. Federal Interagency Operational Plans

6. Build and Sustain Preparedness

Assignment directions: Write a five page paper, title page, and reference page (seven pages total), that analyzes each of the six elements of Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8. In the conclusion, include your opinion as to whether the federal government is prepared to effectively respond to the next major disaster.

Paper format: The final paper will be formatted as follows:

 title page (one page),  introduction,  main Body (1000 words minimum),  subheading for each policy element,   conclusion, and  reference page (one page).

Format all in-text citations and references in APA style (6th ed.). A minimum of three references are required. The textbook can used for one reference.

Only looking for original, unplagiarized work, if you cannot commit to that please do not ask.