Training Program on Conflict Resolution

Training Program on Conflict ResolutionOverviewDue to a recent increase in the number of cases involving interpersonal and interdepartmental conflict in your organization, HR has made the decision to develop a training program on conflict resolution.InstructionsPrepare a 10–12 slides PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that includes each of the elements listed and supported credible sources of research:Develop a professional slide presentation with speaker notes.Include a cover slide and a slide with references.Examine HR’s role in conflict management and resolution.Identify the process that managers and employees should follow to contact HR for cases involving conflict.Evaluate three strategies that HR will use to resolve issues involving conflict.Determine the expected benefits or outcomes of having HR involved in resolving interpersonal and interdepartmental conflicts.Go to theStrayer University Online Libraryand locate at least three quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as academic resources.When complete, your training program should include:10–12 slides, excluding the cover slide and references.Speaker notes for each slide, explaining your strategy and choices.

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