Topic When implementing policies and standards, building consensus amongst organizational stake holders is important. Why is intent vs. need an important consideration


When implementing policies and standards, building consensus amongst organizational stake holders is important. Why is intent vs. need an important consideration?


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Organizations are persistently shielding themselves from a horde of security dangers which have been demonstrated to be on the expansion recommend that an association, while having specialized security controls, needs to likewise have great administrative works on with respect to security, specifically having a decent information security policy (ISP). “Without a doubt the uniquely generally significant of these controls is the information security policy”. An ISP characterizes how information and related resources of an association are shielded from different dangers that may affect on the precision, accessibility, respectability and secrecy of an associations’ information. One of the ideas of ISP advancement that is commonly settled upon by analysts is the need to include different viewpoints. Having numerous partners associated with ISP advancement will assist with delivering a progressively adjusted policy that will be pertinent to the assorted partners of the association, while as yet characterizing the security plan of the association.

Given the significance of ISP to an association and that different partners ought to be engaged with policy advancement; two inquiries emerge which partners ought to be engaged with improvement and when should partners be engaged with advancement. This examination targets noting just the first of these inquiries: which partners ought to be engaged with advancement. The subsequent inquiry will be managed in future research. So as to figure out which partners ought to be associated with ISP improvement a calculated survey of the writing was attempted. This was followed up by various relevant meetings with information security specialists to decide a handy viewpoint. This exploration writes about these methods. One of the principle convincing reasons that associations have for creating ISP is to relieve the different security chances that the associations faces .

Basically they are shielding themselves from individuals who need to misuse its assets and who, in doing as such, may overstep laws, or maybe act improperly in the associations eyes. Subsequently, numerous associations get lawful counsel to guarantee that their policy is a legitimately restricting record and is enforceable . Moreover, administrative necessities of the State, or of industry bodies must be clung to and this may should be reflected in the policy. For instance numerous nations have presented enactment planned for securing the protection of people, or to endeavor to make spam mail unlawful. Consequently, the incorporation of Legal and Regulatory work force in the ISP advancement process is fundamental.


The consideration of intent vs. need is an important aspect of an organization. This feature adds the much-needed energy to the accomplishment of purpose. The implementation of policies alongside standards is an important undertaking for a business. Business stakeholders require that their every action and undertaking in the organization serves to achieve their goals (Hejlesen & Meyer, 2019). Therefore, awareness of the stakeholder entails knowing the purpose of every policy and any strategy implemented in the organization. This awareness thus acts as an energizer to the actions undertaken. Additionally, intent vs. need is an important aspect since it helps to foster an understanding of the stakeholder. This understanding is vital to the implementation of the policies as well as standards. Understanding enables the implementation of strategies that serve to satisfy their needs.

Besides, the purpose of considering intent vs. need is to ensure that stakeholders can commit to the undertakings in the organization. Also, this concept is critical to compelling the stakeholders to express their desire to gain from the standards and policies implemented in the organization. As such, the stakeholders give a go-ahead regarding every undertaking, provided that they meet their intention and wants (Neuendorf et al., 2014). Additionally, intent vs. need plays a crucial role in preventing dissatisfaction and improving productivity in the organization. Intent arises from the acceptance of what is to be implemented while need drives the determination and power to achieve what is set by the organization. Intent vs. need should be considered in the quest to ensure that all the stakeholders feel included in the processes that the organization implement. This ensures that satisfaction is guaranteed and wrangles get eradicated in the process.