To contribute to this discussion forum:Watch the TED talk on “How Vaccines Work” and Herd Immunity

To contribute to this discussion forum:

  • Watch the  TED talk on “How Vaccines Work” and Herd Immunity (Click on the link to watch the videos)and write a short report (200-250 words, in your own words) on what you learned and understood from this talks and your perspective on the topic. Your perspectives on the topic must be supported with evidence/example  either from your text book, research articles or authentic websites.Citations must be provided for such information.  Format your citations as per MLA citation style. The citations will not count towards your recommended document length
  • After you post your report, read through all postings from the rest of the class and respond to at least one of your peer’s posting

Your post will be graded as follows:( See the detailed rubrics attached to this forum)

Report  demonstrating understanding and your perspective using standard English grammar and spelling


Substantial comment to one classmate (do not simply say “Good Idea” or “I agree”). Demonstrate thoughtfulness towards the topic, it should relate insignts or genuine understanding.