The Self-Concept is a stable collection of beliefs about oneself

The Self-Concept is a stable collection of beliefs about oneself. Generally, one’s self-concept embodies the answer to “Who am I? It includes the past, present, and future selves, where future selves represent individuals’ ideas of what they might become, what they would like to become, or what they are afraid of becoming.

Self-concept is distinguishable from self-awareness, which refers to the extent to which self-knowledge is defined, consistent, and currently applicable to one’s attitudes and dispositions.

Self-Concept also differs from Self-Esteem.

Self-concept is a cognitive or descriptive component of one’s self (e.g. “I am a fast runner”), while Self-Esteem is evaluative and opinionated (e.g. “I feel good about being a fast runner”).



The Self Concept Box

Face-Face, Hybrid, and Fully Online Classes


The Self Concept Box is an activity that we use to create opportunities for students to explore, understand, share information about how they see themselves. In the process, students generally learn a lot about themselves while having fun.


Please follow the instructions carefully, paying attention to the format of YOUR CLASS.


This assignment is titled: The Self Concept Box: How do I see myself?

Self-Concept Box Activity

1. Select a container or box that reflects your personality.

a. You WILL explain your box/container of choice

b. You WILL explain why you chose that box/container

2. Select 5 tangible items that you would want to use to represent you. These tangible items should be used to represent one of the following concepts:

a. An attitude

b. An idea

c. A belief

You are NOT be required to:

a. Find more than 5

b. Find anything that is outside of your common (daily) environments.

You may use ONE photograph only

a. You may NOT use your cell phones or other electronic devices


b. explain in detail the relationship between the item and your identified personality or characteristic trait(s).

c. explain how you feel about these traits and if/how you plan to improve on them or change them.