The Reading Summary is simply a synopsis of a current article from a newspaper, magazine, or Internet source

The Reading Summary is simply a synopsis of a current article from a newspaper, magazine, or Internet source that relates to one of the religions we’ve studied this semester and that you’ve found very interesting. The article cannot be more than 2 months old.

These are the criteria for the paper:

  1. Typed, double-spaced, 12-font
  2. At least 3 full pages, not including any title page, abstract, or Works Cited page
  3. In the first paragraph of the paper, include the name of the article and the author
  4. Use APA style citations and Works Cited
  5. The Works Cited page must give all relevant information
  6. The body of the paper must include your personal thoughts and ideas on the religion discussed in the article (likes, dislikes, agreements, disagreements)
  7. Be sure and explain why you chose this religion and why you chose this article

Remember 85% of the paper must be original. That means you cannot have more than 15% of direct quotes. Any report that uses more than that will be penalized.

Due: Midnight, Saturday, June 20 Do not email your paper to me, submit it through Blackboard. After you submit your paper, check your email daily; if there is a problem with the paper, I’ll email you using your UIW email address. I usually grade your papers with 24 hours of submission.

Since this paper is due week 7, you will submit it in the week 7 folder under assessments.

This paper is also called an Engaged Response Paper where students demonstrate knowledge of the article they read and clearly reflect on that article. Each paragraph should be 5 – 7 sentences and contain a topic sentence, supporting evidence, and a conclusion. There are two parts to this type of paper, the summary and the reflection, and each contains specific details.


1. Introduce the setting/ context of the piece (title and author)

2. Identify the major points made by the author, along with supporting evidence such as where it was found

3. The is a factual summary of the article

Reflections/ Response:

1. Contains a topic sentence that lets the reader know that this material is your opinion

2. Which ideas most resonated with you, and why?

3. How might your own life experience connect with some of these ideas?

4. How does this material interact with other ideas you have encountered in your classes or readings?

5. How might you use this material in the future?

The religion the reading will be about is Buddhism.