the following article Critically discuss the following statement What is marketing Easy its what marketers do. The work is to be 12 pages with three to five sources

I will pay for the following article Critically discuss the following statement What is marketing Easy its what marketers do. The work is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. A series of theories has been gradually developed aiming to help the transformation of marketing in accordance with the current market rules. Current paper focuses on the examination of the context and the role of marketing within the modern market. the specific field is evaluated using relevant theories – as published in the academic literature. Moreover, efforts are made in order to present and explain the practical implications of marketing – as these implications are understood and handled by marketers. It is concluded that the current forms of marketing are difficult to be fully explored and evaluated – being differentiated within each commercial sector. however, the theoretical explanations on marketing – as identified through the relevant literature – can help to understand the actual role of marketing in the modern market but also its potentials for further transformation in the future. 2. Marketing – Description and functions 2.1 The context of marketing – definitions One of the key characteristics of marketing is its ability to be transformed being aligned with the market trends and demands. Initially, marketing was a discipline rather foreign to academic study. it had been rather considered as a series of practices used by professionals who deal with the promotion of products/ services within a pre-arranged market (also known as target market). the above issue is highlighted in the study of Baker et al. (1998) who noted that marketing gradually entered the academic field of knowledge. however, despite the fact that a wide range of studies has been developed in regard to the content and the role of market, still there are many of its aspects that are not clear (Baker et al 1998). Probably the reason is that the changes of the market are too quick and extensive, marketing’s rules and forms are transformed – in order to be aligned with these changes – but there is no adequate time for the phases of this transformation to be monitored and evaluated. From a similar point of view Viardot (2004) noted that the context and the role of marketing can be differentiated when having to enter a particular sector. reference is made, for example, to the term ‘marketing for high tech firms’ (Viardot 2004, 1). it is suggested by Viardot (2004) that marketing is described as follows: ‘putting on the market’ (Viardot 2004, 2) – a description which presents the practical use of marketing as a range of tasks focusing on the achievement of a particular target. Baker et al. (2007) use a similar approach. they note that marketing is still in a period of transition from ‘a pure professional practice to an activity explained through appropriate theoretical models’ (Baker et al 2007, 3). Kotler et al. (2010) give a different, more analytical, description of marketing. in accordance with the above researchers, marketing is ‘the process of building profitable customer relationships by creating value for customers and capturing value in return’ (Kotler 2010, 53). In the above description marketing is presented as being closely related to customers.