submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Hospital Human Resource Department.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Hospital Human Resource Department. The paper will have an overall view of the human resource department in a community hospital. Hospital organization hierarchy and structure An organization hierarchy is a form of organizational structure in which every entity apart from one is subordinate to the other. This means that the subordinate departments and sections report to one another within the hierarchy. This ensures that there is a chain of command flowing from the top. The human resource department in community hospital has a hierarchy in which the chain of command flows from the human resource manager. The human resource manager is at the top of the hierarchy given that he/she is the senior most person in the department. He/she oversees the relationship between staff and the organization and establishes the human resources vision. Subordinate to the HR manager are the employee relations manager, compensation and benefits manager and training manager. The training and development manager handles all issues related to recruitment, placements, and selection. Within the same hierarchy exists the employee relations manager who handles matters related to employee grievances and safety issues. The compensation and benefits manager handles issues related to workers’ remuneration, allowances, and incentives. The hierarchy is as shown in the chart below. Fig 1: A chart of Human Resource department’s organizational hierarchy and structure Basic responsibilities of the Hospital HR department The hospital’s human resource department is charged with the responsibility formulating human resource policies, and recruiting and employing staff, training, establishing workers’ remuneration packages and solving any problems related to staffing. This ensures that the hospital meets its personnel requirements and its missions. When formulating new HR policies, the department considers several factors both internal and external to the organization The human resource department ensures that the hospital maintains adequate staff so that no shortage is experienced in the same respect. Staff shortage may affect the hospital grossly to an extent of putting the lives of patients at risk. In so far as staffing is concerned, the department is charged with the responsibilities of recruiting, selecting, and training the employees. The department also offers placement opportunities to trainees and promotion to those staff members that have contributed a lot to the hospital after evaluating the employees (Goyal, 2005). The human resource department of the community hospital ensures that favorable relations exist between employees and managers. It does this by organizing training programs, meetings, and workshops. This has proved beneficial in the hospital as it makes employees feel that they are valued in the hospital and that their contributions in the organization are recognized. The human resource department also ensures that employee’s morale is boosted. This it does by developing and revising incentive schemes depending on the prevailing situation and considering various factors. The human resource department also ensures that proper procedures and policies are in place for handling employees’ grievances. This goes a long way in avoiding industrial actions including strikes, go slows and litigations as noted by Goyal (2005). Type of department The hospital has a centralized human resource department considering that most of the major decisions are made by the managers.