submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Importance of Digital Archiving Practices.

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Importance of Digital Archiving Practices. In a bidding process, the bidder files a bid and that bid is stored in a paper format by the company. Due to these activities, companies end up accumulating files in various places such as cabinets and storerooms. These documents are&nbsp.essential for the organization as these documentations aid in decision making and for legal purposes. According to Nielson that a company has to bear a cost of $20 each time they try to retrieve and file a particular paper document, they further state that it costs $120 to the company if they conduct the proper process of retrieving a file that has been filed in a wrong manner (BELLAVER, 2002, p.27). This research clearly represents that huge amount of money is wasted by organizations in order to file and retrieve a particular document. Taking the statistics provided by Nielson into consideration, if a company’s cabinet consists of 1000 files, the company has spent $20,000 just for the purpose of paper documentation. Managing documents that are paper based is very hard and have a higher chance of error, thus other methods of documentation should be taken into consideration.

The best alternative to paper-based documentation is electronic or digital based documentation, this kind of documentation can relax the cost incurred by the company in retrieving and filing paper documents and it even increases the productivity of the administrative staff as their time is not wasted in managing paper documentation. In digital documentation, archivist makes use of the concept of meta-data to differentiate between a particular record and information related to that particular record (TIWARI, 2006, p.98). This is similar to the case of the library, in a library there are books on the shelf and each book is associated with a log card which assists in locating the book and the bookshelf. Meta-data related to books may include information such as the title of the book and the author’s name. In case of business contracts, meta-data information may include a name of the customer, items within the contract, the date the contract was created and other relevant information.