Smoke Test

The purpose of this assignment is to perform a smoke test and explain the results of the smoke test through an executive summary.

Create a PowerPoint presentation with 5-10 slides to present a smoke test.

The hypothesis is: “The addition of schools providing technology, will benefit low income students and aid in their success.”

The segment of your potential customers: STUDENTS

The group needs to be significant in numbers in that if they were to adopt your product or service there would be a validation of the offering that justifies further development. They are sophisticated users who understand what a minimum viable product is and can form part of your early customer product champions.

Smoke tests can vary tremendously.

Some may be offered through social media where the measured result might be a “click here if you are interested.” It could be a guerilla marketing campaign passing out flyers to a specific group of people and asking them to go to a webpage or sign up for a trial.

Your test should reach a minimum of 100 people who reflect your target market. Your deliverable is an executive summary of the test, in the format of a PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to include the following points:

  1. Description of the problem you solve, including who is affected and to what degree. Consider the price customers will pay.
  2. Your value proposition: “We offer X to improve your life by X. If you are interested, click here.”
  3. Specific market segment: How many people? What is the common characteristic that allows you to communicate with them?
  4. Describe the actual test. To whom did you actually send it? How did you send it? What was the response?
  5. Did the test fail? If so, was it because the test was executed poorly (e.g., sent to the wrong segment, or written poorly, or in the wrong channel, or sent at the wrong time?) or did it fail because your value prop simply was not of enough value?