research paper on stress at work. Needs to be 10 pages.

Need an research paper on stress at work. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. After Greece, countries that had the highest level of stress include Slovenia and Sweden (37%). The countries that saw the lowest level of stress in the European Union include the United Kingdom (12%), Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands (16%). In the article prescribed, Canada had recorded that 41% of the employees are stressed out. Therefore, Canada ranks higher among countries that have a high stress level when compared to European countries.

In Canada, the top causes of stress include economic and technological uncertainties, organizational factors, task and role demands and personal factors. In European nations, the common reasons for stress include work with tight deadlines, very little control over the nature of work, job insecurity and violence and harassment at work. (European Risk Observatory Report, 2009 and Work-related stress, 2007). When we analyze this further, we can see that the key reasons for stress appear to be the same. Economic uncertainty translates to job insecurity. However, it appears that Canadians do not face situations related to violence or harassment at work as that is the only factor as to how the causes of stress differ between Canada and the European countries.

In Canada, the top three jobs with high-stress levels include that of a high school teacher, Miner and Police officer. Britain, the jobs that have the highest level of stress include that of a police officer, teacher and social work (Cooper and Cartwright, 2004). In a survey conducted by in 2010, the jobs that are most stressful at a global level are those of Firefighters, Senior Corporate Executive and Taxi Driver. In Canada, the jobs that offer the least stress include Forester, bookbinder and telephone, line operator. Whereas globally, the least stressful jobs include Musical Instrument Repairer, Medical Records Technician and Actuary (10 least stressful jobs, 2010). Therefore, in terms of the least stressful jobs, there is a difference between trends in Canada and the world.