research paper on decisions in paradise

Need an research paper on decisions in paradise iii. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. With newspaper or Third Estate being a key part of optimal democracy, the people and importantly responsible government could welcome it. Factors affecting the decision As discussed in the case scenario, there are certain internal as well as external environmental factors, which could impede CBTL’s plan of launching the new business. When one focuses on the external factor, the main problem is the destructive and inconsistent weather pattern in Kava. Kava being in the “danger zone” of many natural disasters including earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, etc, any business initiative of CBTL in Kava has to face its repercussions. These natural phenomenons have the power to completely destroy the newspaper office and its network, if the intensity is greater or even closer to the newspaper infrastructure. Although, CBTL can technologically safeguard its infrastructure and network, it cannot be fully trusted, until it effectively faces and survives a disaster. That is, there will be skepticism regarding how CBTL can protect its infrastructure, creating doubts even among the upper management and stakeholders of the CBTL. This could lead to blocking of finances for the project, thereby making the newspaper plan unsuccessful. In addition, the upper management could raise skepticism about the reconstruction costs, which may be incurred on the CBTL, if the technological safeguarding does not work out well and the infrastructure gets destroyed. So, the solution mainly focuses on building a strong and disaster proof infrastructure for the newspaper office and its network, even building at a safer location. Resources and actions required Natural phenomenon could wreck CBTL’s business plans and could even diminish any chances of it developing a hold in Kava. Thus, all the natural and even man-made factors, which could destroy or even impede the newspaper plan has to be solved through certain measures. As part of these plans, the newspaper office including its network has to be located in a safe and secured location within the islands. Although, most of Kava is disaster prone, locations with minimal threat level can be selected after good study of the geography and importantly after analyzing previous incidences of natural disasters. After finding a safe location, CBTL can put all its technological resources to build a stronger and effective infrastructure, which will be able to withstand most of the natural phenomenon. To further make its investment in the infrastructure foolproof, CBTL can go for insurance cover. With the insurance scheme, CBTL can be financially protected in the case of disasters, and could do the reconstruction with that option. In addition, to further strengthen its business and also to fulfill CSR, CBTL can recruit local people for jobs in the newspaper office. Qualified and equipped employees can provide good employment option for CTBL. Ethical aspects A lack of business ethics on the part of organizations and corporate leaders can contribute sizably to the demise of the organization (Adadevoh, n. d). When CTBL carries out various steps to solve the threats to its newspaper plan, it could also lead to some ethical issues. As mentioned above, as part of CSR and also to tap good talent, CTBL can recruit local people for its newspaper operations.