Reflective Journal: Greatness and Service (chapters 1-3) in the Havard text.

Reflective Journal: Greatness and Service (chapters 1-3) in the Havard text.

  • Chapter 1: MagnanimityStriving Towards Great Things
  • Chapter 2: HumilityThe Ambition to Serve
  • Chapter 3: Just Say No

In BUS 503, you were introduced to reflective journaling.For this course, you will use the reflective reading journal method as you read the Havard text. Each week you will be tasked with reading and completing your journal on the assigned chapters. You will build on this journal from week to week, so at the end you have one journal covering all of the chapters in the Havard text.

The Reflecting Reading Journal is comprised of two columns. In the left column, identify the quote from the text and include a properly formatted APA citation (Author (s), publication date, page number) following each quote – in quotation marks. In the right column, provide your analysis: dissect the quote you selected and provide your thoughts about the meaning of the quote or professional experiences related to the quote.

BUS 510 Sample Journal.docx

Please date the start of each assigned entry with the due date (sample journal below to utilize and assist with format – notice the references listed at the bottom of the journal).

Each journal entry is due on or before the designated due date and as a rule of thumb a minimum of one journaled page PER assigned reading chapter. Depending on the length of your quote and your analysis, one page may include anywhere from 3-7 quotes.

In module 05, you will be tasked with writing a Virtuous Leadership Practical Application Paper. The paper will be supported by the information in the Havard text and other sources. Make sure you are journaling information that will assist you in writing your final paper. Review the Module 05 paper requirements in module 01.