Question Digital Source Paper Most of us now access the majority of our news and other information in online formats. Podcasts and videos online are increasingly common


Digital Source Paper Most of us now access the majority of our news and other information in online formats.  Podcasts and videos online are increasingly common. Many of these digital sources present information in new and exciting ways and can be accessed easily on the internet. The goal of this assignment is for you for you to explore these resources in the context of A&P, learn about something new and interesting, and potentially find a source of information that you will keep returning to in the future. You may already have a favorite podcast or have watched an inspiring TED Talk.  There are a number of additional suggested podcasts and video sources that give new insights or different perspectives on A&P topics in the list at the end of this description. To complete the assignment, you will choose an online video or podcast.  Make sure it covers a topic that is related to A&P, interests you, and that provides enough information to write a paper about.  (If it is a very short video or podcast, it probably is not enough information.)  You can use one of the sources from the list below or find one on your own. Watch/listen to the digital video or podcast.  Make sure to take notes while you watch or listen. Write a paper that both summarizes the information presented and reflects on the topics presented and the quality of the presentation and the source in the following format: The body of the digital source paper, not including the title page should be at least two pages long. All sections should be headed with a title that is capitalized, in boldface type, and underlined on its own line in the text with a single line space above and below it. (See below for the required sections). All paragraphs should be indented without line gaps in between, except after a section heading. Include page numbers on bottom right. After completing your paper, revise and make sure your final paper utilizes language, grammar, and spelling appropriate to a college class. Get help from the Writing Studio if you need it. Your paper should include:Digital Source Paper Title page. The title page should contain the Title of the digital source, the web link, along with the Student’s name, Course Number (including section), and the Date,in the center of the page. SummaryA couple of paragraphs summarizing the information presented in your source.


A paragraph analyzing the quality of the source.  For example,

-How reputable do you think the source is—who are they?

-Where do they get their information from?

-Do they reference their sources or interview their sources directly?

-Do they have an agenda for why they are presenting the information—are they trying to sell you something or have other motives for providing the information?

-A paragraph analyzing the quality of the presentation.  For example, was it engaging, funny, intriguing?  If so, why?  Were the presenters skilled?

-Did they explain the information in an easy to understand way?

-If it was a video, were the graphics or images meaningful or useful?

-A paragraph reflecting on what your personal take-aways are from the story, including any new information that you learned.  How did it make you feel?  Why?

-Will it impact you, your behaviors, or your choices in any way?

-Explain: Possible Digital Sources:Radiolab: Talks: Ed on YouTube: Friday: Biointeractives: Digital Sources:Radiolab: Talks: Ed on YouTube: Friday: Biointeractives: Beta:[]=dc.type%3A%22Teacher+Video%22NOVA Next: Science Now: Education: Labs: on YouTube: Learn:…