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The ideal candidate for any position is one that meets the key requirements for the posted position. This includes basic educational requirements and relevant work experience. However, there are a number of additional skills and attributes that employees tend to look for in a candidate. These are often referred to as transferable skills. Please define transferable skills and discuss their value in the workforce. Consider how you will include these skills on your resume. For this, I have over 20 years in the Army. I am a senior health care sergeant. I have been a flight medic on a helicopter and served mulitiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a flight medic. I have been a medic with the infantry, I have worked in the hospital in the ER for 2 years, I have done emergency management. I have also done medical operations which requires me to plan and institute programs for an organization of 6,000 personnel. I have also been a medical platoon sergeant in a combined arms battalion and 36 Soldiers. Be creative but use layman’s terms as much as possible. Please use at least 2 academic resources. A cover paper is not necessary. I want to be a public safety officer which is a paramedic, firefighter and police officer