Project Implementation.

I will pay for the following article Project Implementation. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This research aims at curbing misappropriation of digital data within the customer premises. This refers to the use of data available within a premise for other purposes than the intended one. This includes officers taking away data from the company server for personal use. The need for a company to protect its data arises as results of numerous cases of misappropriation go on the rise. The main goal of this project remains to secure the data which its customers require secured from access. This shall be achieved through the installation of programs which allow only a limited access. The other goal of the project would be defining and securing the information accessed from the institutions’ infrastructure. The project shall also define the points at which certain data can be accessed. Limitation of access points will translate to being able to monitor access to any classified information. Access control shall also be another of the main goals of this project. This shall be aimed at exerting control over what people can access while at the place of work. Creation of access control systems shall be essential for the success of the project. Basically, the scope of this project lies in securing information, which can be, accessed from company premises. This being classified information owned by the company and harmful information from other places outside the company. A need arises for the project to define personal and general information. Personal data can be defined as information relating to an identifiable subject. This information may relate to numerous aspects of the subject. This is information which one can be able to link or associate with another person. In the case of Soul’s clients, this information relates to student details, results and other personal records of students.