prepare and submit a term paper on Marks and Spencer as One of the Biggest Retail Companies.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Marks and Spencer as One of the Biggest Retail Companies. Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length. In April 2004, the prospect of the company seemed blurred. The brand of the Marks and Spencer got a great push back and lost its confidence due to the consecutive decline in sales and continual negative PR. The company has started to lose public faith and love and the fear has taken over by Philip Green of Arcadia Group was on the threshold. Rejecting the offer of Mr. Green, Mr. Stuart Rose has restructured the company through promoting its brand and has formulated a method of treatment, which worked in a significant way for the M & S to get back its health. (Thompson, Neal, Threadgould and Trillo, June 30, 2006: 3-4) There were different thoughts on the vulnerability of the company. Analysts told that decline of sales of the company in a continuous basis and lack of enthusiasm for change was mainly responsible behind such weakness whereas the journalist reported that the company listed itself in one of the worst performers among the 100 companies. Besides the customers were also not satisfied with the product of the company. The garments of the company were believed to be old-fashioned. People thought the company might have fallen in the vicious circle of loss. Fall in sales of the M & S in one way led to falling in share price and in another way led to negative captions producing the negative impression in the market. These movements caused to loss of confidence over the company by the customers for the purchase and also by the investors to invest. In this situation when Mr. Green came with his proposal to acquire M & S, the senior team of the company including the new Chief Executive of the company, Mr. Stuart Rose and the Executive Director for Marketing, Store design and Development, Mr. Steven Sharp has formed a new plan regarding the business of the company and successfully crush the proposal of Mr. Green.