prepare and submit a paper on product excellence using six sigma.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on product excellence using six sigma. The literature on integration method between Design for X and DFSS is explained below which can help in identifying the principles of design for X in the context of DFSS along with the critical analysis on the implementation of Design for excellence and DFSS. The section will first explain the literature on the concept of the design for excellence and then critically evaluate the factors that can identify the loopholes in the designing procedures. Design for X is the term used for the product development. It is referred to as a system or strategy, which is used in the product development lifecycle (Eder & Hosnedi, 2010, p. 180). The design for X is another name of a model for excellence. The system incorporates wide variety and collection of product development design guidelines. In order to improve the technical features of a particular product, the design guidelines provided in the design for X can help in the development, controlling and innovation phase of the product development. The guidelines also educate or increase the procedural knowledge of the engineers, who are involved in the product development cycle with technical expertise. 1. The guidelines are based on the experienced engineers and their past experiences. The new entrants may have the problems of clearly understanding the technicalities, which are described under design for X. The experience-based guidelines may have the dependencies of the context and assumptions on the basis of which the design was developed. Therefore, the design may change over time. It can be explained with the help of the example of apple incorporation i.e. Steve Jobs left Tim Cook some problems such as despite of the fact that Tim Cook initially followed the same designs, which were actually followed by Steve Jobs and used the experienced-based guidelines of Steve Jobs but it was initially proved to be difficult for the Tim cook to understand the fact that the success story of Apple Inc., was not based on the existing designs but on the innovation of new designs at different intervals (Yarow, 2014).&nbsp.&nbsp.