prepare and submit a paper on pillsbury cookie challenge

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on pillsbury cookie challenge. The paper tells that Ivan Guillen in his role as the marketing manager of RBG faced significant challenges. Primarily he faced the challenges of developing a strategy that would lead to the ultimate improvement in the business performance of his category. The key challenges further included the poor performance of RBG over the past few years. Correspondingly, the volume growth rate of the company has dramatically fallen and at the same time household penetration has also dropped to five year low. It is crucial for Ivan to understand these challenges carefully and find out a possible solution for profitable growth of the business. Moreover, it would be vital for Ivan to conduct marketing research for ascertaining the likely variables affecting the overall performance of the business. The identification of variables affecting the business performance will facilitate Ivan to address the areas that would be requiring more concentrated effort. The key consumer’s insights available to the marketing team postulate that consumers were familiar with Pillsbury brands and products but did not understand how they were relevant in the present busy and hectic life. Consumers were changing their buying behavior due to the economic conditions as well as due to the growing craze related to health. Moreover, it has been ascertained that consumers were becoming more sensitive and were spending less money on their purchase.