prepare and submit a paper on customer perceptions towards samsung.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on customer perceptions towards samsung. This way, they will be given the great opportunity of transforming their products, services and other marketing strategies in a way that will delight their customers. When there is a high level of customer satisfaction, this is likely to result in favorable customer perceptions and attitudes that will enable Samsung to gain competitive advantage over other players in their industry.

Brands are the heart of marketing and business strategy. It is important to how costumers perceived brands because if customers perceive one brand as superior instead of another one then they tend to be loyal also pay higher prices. Marketing management teams pay significant attention to the development of brand equity. Brand equity is considered as the main factor of the corporate value (Crainer, 1998). Developing successful brands generate higher profitability and are more effective in attracting and retaining customers. When the brand becomes and maintains as customer preference, it enables the company to build a strong market share, maintain good price levels and generate strong cash flows (Doyle 1998).

Due to the markedly dynamic consumer goods segment, the role that store brands play has significantly gained popularity over the years. Organizations begin to realize that their brand plays an important role amongst its various stakeholders: employees, stakeholders and customers. For one, positive outcomes are expected to result from a strong brand. According to Corstjens and Lal (2000), retailers expect an increase in in-store loyalty with an effectively built brand. Notably, they desire to rely less on national brand manufacturers through the use of store brands (Mills 1995. Narasimhan and Wilcox 1998).

Suppliers and retailers alike should be able to let their consumers notice their products and services, and correspondingly develop their interest in these offerings.