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Your topic this week will be to reflect on how you acquired information about gender. Be sure to read the McHale and Boyle readings and watch the lecture videos that correspond to it before answering this post. Researchers have found that both peers and families transmit information about gender either indirectly (how your caretaker communicated to others about gender) or directly, such as “Boys don’t play with dolls!” Peers may have said,”You’re a sissy if you play with girls!” or “Do what we say or we won’t play with you!” Power is also a central issue that you can address in this post. Whomever is making decisions has more power; in egalitarian relationships power is shared. Power dynamics are also culturally determined. For this discussion, you are to 1) give at least one example regarding how your friends indirectly or directly communicated gender role expectations, and 2) how your family did so. You may wish to address the following questions for peer groups and your family, but feel free to expand as is relevant for this content area: 1. With which gender did you primarily play? How did peer groups communicate gender role expectations in your experience? 2. Peer relationships are supposed to be more egalitarian, but they are not always. Did anyone have more power in the relationship? Who? If relevant, explain why you think this person had more power? How did this impact your experience of gender and power? 3. Was your family traditional (one parent has more power) or egalitarian (shared power)? If you grew up in a single parent or single caregiver home, how did this impact your experience of gender and power? Explain why you think so based on course content. 4. Did you have siblings? If so, who had more power and why? I am hoping we can see some diversity in this post regarding gender roles. 🙂 Post a reply to this prompt (minimum 250 words, 10 points). Post a response to a classmates post (minimum 150 words, 5 points)