Option #1: Social Capital Plan

As the Planning Associate for your Community Development Department, your director asked you to develop a social capital plan. In the two- to three-page plan you need to explain how social capital is used in the planning process of community development. Your plan should include a description of the social capital available in your community. Your plan needs to provide at least five (5) examples of how social capital can be used in your department. This paper needs to focus on the capital available in your area. Your paper will be graded based upon your ability to relate any of the readings to your professional practice or to any of your “real world” experiences outside of work. Use your life experiences and occupational backgrounds to frame your approach to any idea, theme, or theory noted by any of the authors. Be sure to use headings in your paper to organize your five examples. Make sure you include at least one in-text citation for each source you use in this paper. You also can visit the Urban Institute(Links to an external site.) for ideas or your local community development website.