MBA – Level – Harvand Reference – bibliography

MBA – Level – Harvand Reference – bibliography

The presentation will critically analyze the branding strategy implemented by the company, commenting on the brand identity, its positioning in relation to competitors, the message it communicates in social networks, and evaluate whether the objectives of the promotion are achieved based on the strategy implemented and the actions of the company.

The presentation should follow the proposed structure, but nevertheless, it should additionally be academically justified:

– Brief introduction to the enterprise (basic information)

– Company branding strategy objectives

– Presentation of a branding strategy in relation to the specific business:

1. Brand control: the student can refer to the brandinventory concepts and brand elements and describe the logo, moto, name etc.

2. Branding Strategy: branding strategy is described by Brand Management and positioning through Competitor Analysis, brand personality description, and brand identity Prism Design. The student should make use of models, such as the model of the five dimensions of the Personality of the brand / J. Aaker, the prism of brand identity / Kapferer .

3. Brand Execution: a critical assessment of the brand message used per media, with an emphasis on digital media.

– Critical evaluation of the success of this particular strategy. The student can refer to specific concepts such as brand equity.