Learning Objective: Students will investigate the nature of cross-sex friendships among males and females and apply theoretical concepts to “real life” relationships.

Instructions: For this activity, you will interview one male and one female you know about their current and past cross-sex friendships. IMPORTANT:Please conductthese interviews in a socially distant manner (phone, skype, email, etc.). Find out what happened to the past relationships. Did they end? If so, why? Did any of them evolve into romantic relationships? Examine the reasons for the relationship ending, including O’Meara’s (1989) challenges as discussed in the lecture. Are males and females equally accepting of their partner’s cross-sex friends? Finally, draw some general conclusions about cross-sex friendships. Address these questions in about one to two double-spaced typed pages.


I also want you to use concepts and terminology that we discuss in class. Underline and bold the concepts that you use in the activity. Those students who use these often and correctly will create assignments that are “Superior” (4 or more concepts used). Three concepts used accurately earns an “Effective.” Two earns an “Adequate.” Submissions with no terminology usage earns “Below Average.” Please see the grading rubric for the activities, located in the learning module.