join sentences using conjunctions, appositives and verbal phrases for the paragraph below.

Someone please help me by joining sentences using conjunctions, appositives and verbal phrases for the paragraph below.

In the past couple of years, Instagram has become an extremely popular social networking website.  It allows its users to share photos and videos with their followers and friends. Facebook is a combination of both pictures and words. Twitter has mainly consisted of words that contain 140 characters or less. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is exclusively image-driven. That is one of the primary reasons why it is so widely used. Through the use of Instagram, some of the humans’ unfavorable traits and natural tendencies are revealed at the same time. Instagram offers a convenient and entertaining platform for us to share our interests, opinions, and whereabouts through the use of pictures.  It has also exposed some of the negative characteristics our generation possesses.

Instagram’s popularity remains in this fast-paced world today. It has simple, yet attractive features. They allow us to not only check out what other people are doing through the means of photos. They let us share interesting things about our own lives with our followers.

I am a true Instagram addict. I transitioned from being obsessed with Facebook.  I constantly tweeted about the smallest things that go on in my life.  My friends introduced me to Instagram.  This was an app that I initially refused to use. I thought I just wasn’t a photography type of person. Instagram was an overwhelming success among my friend groups, I soon gave in and started experiencing this so-called next big thing. I became fond of the concept of sharing my whereabouts through the use of pictures, instead of boring texts/words on Twitter or Facebook. I realized that most people are probably more interested in scrolling through pictures.  They don’t like reading tweets.  The tweets are either complaining about homework and tests or are gossiping about other people’s lives.