I Need Help in Discuss possible solutions and the development of an effective improvement plan.2022-05-21 07:46:41

A knee-replacement patient was given discharge instructions upon discharge that included taking a pain medication every four to six hours. However, when the patient arrived home, the prescription was not in his discharge paperwork. The hospital informed the patient he would have to come back to pick up the written prescription to get it filled, as it cannot be called in to the pharmacy.
Describe in detail everything that occurred to ensure that the CQI team understands the complexity of the issue.
Include details that address what happened, who was involved, why it occurred, when it happened, and the impact it had on the patient and health care organization.
Data Elements: Describe a minimum of three data elements you would gather to fully assess the situation and assist you with improving the customer satisfaction scenario you chose.
CQI Methods: Outline the CQI method (Pareto, Fishbone, or Flowchart) you would utilize to develop your improvement plan.
Explain your plan for improvement.
CQI Team Members: Identify three stakeholders within the organization you will include on your CQI team.
Identify the communication barriers that may occur between the stakeholders based on their role in the organization when analyzing the cause of the complaint.
Discuss possible solutions and the development of an effective improvement plan.
Cost-Quality Impact: Analyze how cost and quality are linked based on your chosen scenario.
Identify the potential impact to the organization if the issue is not resolved.
Evaluation Plan: Describe how you will evaluate the success or failure of the plan.
Identify the steps would you take to determine if the plan is effective.
Include at least two scholarly sources from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library within the template that supports your ideas or statements.

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