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ECONOMICS FOR BUSINESS STU X*Homework Help – Q&A from Onli xW Marginal revenue – WikipediaXG Describe the transactions that th X+XC A brightspace.bournemouth.ac.uk/d21/le/content/65834/viewContent/952921/ViewRGIll. Increased job opportunities overseas cause many people to leave the country.(Total 50 marks)QUESTION 4REQUIRED:Answer parts a to f.a. Explain the distinction between a central bank and a commercial bank. (6 marks)b. Describe the transactions that the Bank of England can undertake to increase thequantity of money.(10 marks)c. Describe the BoE’s assets and liabilities. What is the monetary base, and does it relateto the BoE’s balance sheet?(10 marks)d. What would the BoE do to implement quantitative easing, how would the monetary basechange, and how would bank reserves change?(8 marks)e. Explain how the money market will be affected if too much money is printed by thecentral bank.(6 marks)f. In Australia, if the central bank increases the money supply by $150 billion, how muchextra money will be generated in the economy given the currency drain ratio is 33 percentof deposits, and the reserve ratio is 8 percent of deposits. (10 marks)(Total 50 marks)Reflect in ePortfolioDownload<MFO4 7 16:17