Hi this task is for introducing to software engineering and i would

6 Assignment Details CMP1043-D1 9-M-lntroduction to Software Enginee… Task 1 a. Design a program for a movie rating guide,which can be installed in a kiosk in theaters.Each theater patron enters a value from 0 to4 indicating the number of stars that thepatron awards to the guides featured movieof the week. If a user enters a star value thatdoes not fall in the correct range, re—promptthe user continuously until a correct value isentered. The program executes continuouslyuntil the theater manager enters a negativenumber to quit. At the end of the program,display the average star rating for the movie. b. Modify the movie-rating program so that auser gets three tries to enter a valid rating.After three incorrect entries, the programissues an appropriate message andcontinues with a new user. To be awarded full marks you must submit: . Pseudo code design. Flow chart design. Desk check