Global Warming speech by Marcus Gibson

Global Warming speech by Marcus Gibson

A Credible speech assists in convincing the audience on the effects and importance of a particular issue that is being presented. Marcus Gibson speech has emphasized on global warming as a major factor in USA. She argues that Global warming has been a trending matter worldwide and scientist have proven that if don’t aid in preventing, all the monuments and buildings will sink on water including the New York City. The question that arises is how we the people can prevent the global warming. It is very simple as everyone should take the obligation of doing what is expected contrary to what may increase the effect. The speech has been delivered where it tends to be more convenient to pass the message and the audience is encouraging.

The speech focused on what the people can do in preventing global warming.It compels the multitude to plant trees rather than cutting them down. The speech persuades people to be vigilant and watch dog in ensuring that more trees are planted. Planting trees would help keep the planet cooler thus reducing its hotness .Furthermore, it encourages everyone to be walking on shorter distances rather than using vehicles which pollute the environment. The speech has not ignored the negative challenges but has acknowledged all the aspects. It has tried to lead the audience in understanding the speech being delivered.

Compelling the audience in practicing the safety measures against preventing global warming has been emphasized. This is by encouraging them to do very simple thing like walking for short distances rather than using their vehicles. Furthermore, the speech is more obliged and focuses in achieving the best from the audience. On delivering the speech, the person engaged the audience by using eye contact and movements. This is with the fact that they the audience may provide visual support and encouragement during the delivery of the speech as they are considered to be the focal point.

In addition, the speech on Global warming has been delivered in the manner that at that time every person has been willing to fight and prevent it. The writer focused on using rhetoric questions in delivering the speech. For instance, “If we don’t prevent global warming by ourselves, who will?”This made the audience to be livelier and contribute by providing good listening skills. Moreover, the speech being delivered focused on the key issues making it to be precise thus delivering the intended message to the audience.

The persuasive attempt in delivering the speech was more effective.This was with the fact that it many people were very concerned in preventing global warming as it has been the major factor in the country. This is because it focused on what everyone is supposed to do. This included planting of trees, minimizing the use of vehicles. This was identified with the large number of correspondents on the speech delivered and the numerous questions that they asked. Furthermore the group that turned out to listen to the speech was very large. The audience furthermore, remained focused and one could tell through their eye contact and eagerness to the speech.

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