Given the wage and rental information above, for each

There are three types of dance studios in a competitive market in Des Moines, lowa. Due to the peculiarities ofzoning in Des Moines, commercial space can be rented in only three sizes: 1000 square feet, 2000 square feet,and 3000 square feet. For each of the three sizes of dance studios, the information below shows the number ofdance lessons that can be given by your full-time dance instructors. lowa labor law requires you to hire peoplefull-time or not at all. For every 1000 square feet of space you rent, the monthly rent is $5,000 and you mustsign a one-year lease. The monthly wage for a full time dance instructor is $2,000. These represent all economiccosts including the normal profit.1000 sq. ft.2000 sq. ft.3000 sq. ft.Number ofLessonsNumber ofLessonsNumber ofLessonsInstructorsInstructorsInstructorsWUAWNHO000100152YOUAWNHO123187YOUAWNHO139193193237263215263319233286366249306407263323430