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Write a 500-WORD ESSAY summarizing any knowledge, experiences, and preconceptions you may have about Africa. You may also discuss media and other stereotypes of the African continent, and what you hope to learn/gain from the course. You will not be graded or ‘judged’ on your preconceptions, depth of knowledge, or lack thereof!! (Feel free to write in first person for this essay.)

Please note: Your essay should be written in proper essay format with appropriate use of language/word choice, paragraph development, sentence structure, grammar, etc. Avoid using informal/colloquial language, including contractions and ‘sayings’ that are commonly used verbally, but do not constitute formal written language. You may use first person “I’ for this essay.

Required Format:

Proper formal essay structure including indented and well-organized paragraphs, proper language use, grammar and spelling, etc. You may use first person for this essay. No sources necessary.
Assignment Heading (aligned to left of page):
Full name
WORD COUNT (minimum of 500 words)
Assignment Title (centered on page directly above essay body- may make up your own title or use assignment title)
Double-spaced and 12 pt. font