Discussion Board 4: What are Good Reasons?

Discussion Board 4: What are Good Reasons? 1 1 unread reply. 1 1 reply.

Good speakers know that their audiences are not going to believe a speaker just because the speaker says they should; rather, a speaker provides the audience with good reasons for believing. In this discussion, you and your classmates will discuss what constitutes a good reason in various situations, and you’ll consider how you can use this information as you prepare your upcoming speeches.

  1. In your initial post, identify a specific speaking situation (for example, a status report you hear at a meeting at work) and describe in 200-250 words the kind of information, evidence, logical approaches, or relationships that you would consider good reasons for believing the speaker. What types of evidence do you find most compelling, and why are you more likely to accept them than other types? What type of evidence or logic would you consider not a good enough reason to believe the speaker? Use the vocabulary from your readings to describe the types of evidence and logical patterns; you may include outside research for additional examples or explanation.  Cite every outside source you use, including your readings.