Discussion Board 2: Verbal and Nonverbal Messages

Discussion Board 2: Verbal and Nonverbal Messages 44 44 unread replies. 44 44 replies.

In this class, you learn about how to create a strong verbal message and how to create a strong nonverbal message. Please describe some of your nonverbal habits (use the categories in the textbook) that you feel could interfere with, or enhance, your speaking assignments. If you have already recorded your first speaking assignment, you can watch your video and discuss the nonverbal behaviors that you observed yourself conducting.

  1. In your initial post, describe in 200-250 words your nonverbal communication habits that might be assets in your next speech, and then discuss your nonverbal communication habits that might undermine your verbal message. Finally, discuss how you will address each of these habits as you prepare for your next speaking assignments. Use the vocabulary from your readings to describe these habits; you may include outside research for additional examples or explanation.  Cite every outside source you use, including your readings.
  2. After your initial post, read and respond to four of your peers’ postings (for full credit, reply to four of your peers on three separate days). In your responses to others, suggest constructive ways that your classmate might use the information in the readings to enhance his or her delivery skills in upcoming speaking situations. Each reply should be at least 100 words in length and should provide a thoughtful response; simple agreement with or support of a classmate’s post does not count as a response.

Continue to build your credibility by following the conventions of academic writing; use a professional tone and proofread carefully.