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Examine the relationship between an organizations values and ethics and its culture. Discuss the relevance of Hofstede (1983), Dorfman et al. (2012), or Minkov & Hofstede (2012); then explain how global leaders can apply this research to establish a culture of ethics in their organizations.

(Do not attempt to address all of these points in your first post. Challenge yourself to develop your understanding and interaction with the course concepts as the discussion progresses.)

Discussion posts should reflect scholarly analysis and interpretation of the topic as well as supporting research. Follow APA formatting guidelines (current edition) to integrate your research and cite your sources. Each post (the initial post as well as the response posts) should be between 300-500 words in length.

 When examining the relationship between an organization’s ethics and values, be sure to also refer to your own organization and experiences as well. Review the research provided by the above authors and explain how global leaders can apply it to their organizations.