Discuss how three Internet services have been enhanced by compression.

1. Discuss how three Internet services have been enhanced by compression.

2. How do multiplexing and compression differ? How are they the same?

3. Define cloud computing in one or two sentences. Discuss two reasons that organizations are interested in it.

4. Describe server virtualization in one or two sentences. Describe two benefits of using it.

5. Discuss two reasons residential consumers may want to use cloud computing. Describe two reasons that some large organizations are reluctant to use it.

6. Discussed 3 Steps Data Center managers can take to ensure sustainability and reliability. Why do you think each is important?

7. Define the term core (backbone) of a network. The terms score and backbone are you synonymously.

8. Discuss three reasons LAN speeds, capacity, and the amount of data carried on LANs are increasing.

9. Explain three characteristics of private clouds.

10. Discuss why VLANs are used. Why are they important for IP PBXs?

11. What was the impact of the 1984 breakup of AT&T?

12. Where did Verizon originate?

13. What is the major issue of the regulatory problems facing the telecom industry?

14. What is traffic pumping?

15. What is the goal of the Telecom Act of 1996?

16. Discuss three ways carriers can save costs on maintenance, upgrades, and/or installation costs.

17. Discuss the importance of undersea cables and the single most common reason there are outages.

18. Describe the architecture of centralized VoIP in carriers’ networks.

19. Define IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and the reason that it is used.

20. Discuss three reasons carriers are reluctant to provide high-speed broadband services in rural areas.