Create a scholarly detailed evaluation strategy for the case study below

Create a scholarly detailed evaluation strategy for the case study below

  • A description of your evaluation strategy
    • Include specific methodologies and measures.
    • Describe how your evaluation will be incorporated into future practice and work with this client/family/group.

Case Study:

Homeless Veteran, who is suffering from co-occurring disorders, PTSD, Schizophrenia, and AOD issues.

Eric Smith is a 36-year old African American who is the 2nd of 3 siblings 1 brother 40 and a younger sister 27. Eric was married to Dianne 33 years old Hispanic and together they have 2 children a son Eric Jr who is 12 and a daughter Gabriella who is 10 years. Eric’s religious background is that of Christianity while Dianne is from a Catholic religious background.

Eric’s social history includes his prior involvement as an active member of his church, Fraternity and Parent-Teacher Association at his children’s schools. Dianne is a stay at home mom also the family disciplinarian for their children

Eric’s family history includes a father who had a history of drug abuse, an uncle who struggled with alcoholism. His family has had several family members who were also in the military. His parents got divorced when he was 12 years old and his family was not accepting of his marriage to Dianne.

History of presenting problem

Eric got an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army. He has been enlisted for the past 8 years and deployed twice for 2 years. Once to Afghanistan and then to Iraq. His occupation while in the military was a police officer.

Since his discharge, Eric has been unable to find employment which led to his separation from his wife and family, drug use, sleepless nights, hearing voices and having flashbacks of combat memories.

Previous Intervention

Eric has been previously treated for PTSD in the form of group therapy and counseling.