Create a marketing research survey using Google Forms!

Create a marketing research survey using Google Forms!

Imagine that you are a small local firm and you want to know more about your existing customers or your potential future customers.

Design a survey of 10 questions in Google Forms (using a variety of different question types: open-ended, radio buttons/select only one, checkboxes, etc See Exhibit 5.4 in your textbook).

Deliverables: One page submission in word:

1. One paragraph: Submit a short summary of the marketing research problem you can solve with the marketing survey.

2. Create a 10-item survey using several different types of question formats (check all that apply; choose only one option; open ended response; matrix of questions with a 1 to 5 answer scale, etc) in Google Forms (see tutorials at Go to!/ (Links to an external site.) )

3. Provide a link to the Google Forms survey

4. One paragraph: Tell me who would complete the survey (who is the research/statistical population of interest) and how you would find this sample (what sampling method would you use to reach them to complete the survey)?

5. One paragraph. What can the company “do” with the marketing research results? What changes to the 4Ps would be made as a result of the survey responses? Be specific here by linking the marketing action to the question(s) you asked in the survey.